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For over 18 years, RAYMOND GREGORY has used music and his unique ability to communicate to minister, impact, and challenge those around him to live more like Christ, and impact the culture.

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A Story Of Hope

From a musical perspective, this Raymond combines the guy with a guitar stylings of John Mayer with the vertical slant of Chris Tomlin, integrated with synth and R&B Roots, with equal emphasis on artistic excellence and inspirational appeal. And from a ministry point of view, Gregory recalls a few comments made by Pastor Greg Laurie (of whom he supports as a staff member at his church Harvest), who once said “if you preach to the hurting heart, you’ll never lack an audience,” and perhaps even more directly on a different occasion, “don’t waste your pain.”

“I haven’t been through the fire like other people, but I feel like I have an obligation to share my story because the Lord has given me a second chance,” he sums up. “I feel like I can relate with people and I just want to take the word and minister to as many people as I can, while showing the love of Christ, the way we are all called to do. I think one of the reasons the song ‘You Are Faithful’ is connecting so much is because it reminds people we can always rely on God’s promise. No matter what season we are in, if we place our trust in Him, He will never leave us or forsake us. When we are broken, He is not shaken! He will always remain faithful.”  God brings power from weakness.  If HE can restore the hearing of a young boy and allow hime to be used in music ministry, then imagine what he wants to do in your weakness...


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